I live in the Alpharetta / Johns Creek / Roswell area and work in the entire Greater Atlanta area.  Currently at Johhs Creek Yoga, Breathe Yoga, Alpharetta YMCA, the MJCC and Ascendent Therapy.  I also offer private in-home classes & Life Coaching.

I spent three years at the WhiteWinds Institute of Energetic Healing in Atlanta where I learned the art of physical, energetic, and psycho-spiritual healing, and became professionally certified in energy medicine.  At WhiteWinds I received specific training in kinesiology, visceral organ unwinding, recognizing and realigning energy fields and chakras, addictive cycles, presence, nutrition, meridian therapy, and teacher training.
Since my education at WhiteWinds, I have also become a certified instructor in Tai Chi Qi Gong after studying under Master Yun Xiang Tseng in Boulder, Colorado and at the Supreme Science Qigong Center in Miami, Florida.

I offer Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling as a result of a 15 year journey, deeply exploring the Buddhist temple, the Hindu temple, Native American medicine wheel, Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, work with visionary seers, mystics, Pachakuti Mesa (Peruvian Mesa) and the 12 step program (CoDa).  I have developed a way to reach people from all backgrounds as well as personal interests and directions to assist people in finding their own path.

My passion for learning and growing in the arts of yoga, Tai Chi Qi Gong, and Energy Medicine is a continuous process. I am constantly finding new ways to integrate my mind, body, and spirit to live a life of integrity and rooted in the heart of the healer.

​                                                                                    - Shane