Energy Healing by Shane
Energy healing is one of the most ancient and fundamental therapies in the field of integrative energy medicine and holistic health.
An energy healing session is a safe, nurturing environment for you to release blockages re-uniting you with grace and flow that can help you reach your highest potential.  Reconnecting you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with your unique energy field via hands-on healing and coaching.  A session is educational to where you will be leaving with all the tools to help you maintain your personal energy field. 

Although each experience is special and unique to the individual, a healing session will include:
Charting your personal energy field and sharing my findings with you (First Session)
Assessing disruption, depletion and distortion of your energy

Begin balancing, restoring and alignment of your Human Energy Field (HEF)
Coaching and reviewing process to empower home self-care

​Energy Healing sessions are performed while you are lying comfortably on a massage table. The healing process involves placing hands near the body to facilitate healing. You may even feel the supple energy traveling through your body. At the end of a session you will potentially feel more whole and connected. 
The Healing Process 
can potentially reconnect you with...
  • your childlike essence
  • your own healing power
  • your creativity
  • your enthusiasm
  • your devine inspiration
  • a deepening of relationships

The healing process begins with a 10-minute phone call to answer questions regarding an energy healing session.

Based on the conversation, we will proceed to schedule a 75 minute session. 

Upon arrival on the day of the session, we will engage in a discussion about the healing process.
Lying on a massage table, I will begin to assess and chart your human energy fields.

After 15 minutes, we will have a discussion about my findings. 

We will facilitate the session where I place my hands over the areas that present themselves as needing awareness.​

Healing through the re-alignment of an energy field and bringing awareness to any depletion or distortion energetic from past tramatic events.  Replensih your energy and bring about the changes necessary to begin the restoration of your whole being - emotionally, physically and spiritually . 

This will potentially bring a depening of all relationships beginning with all aspects of your soul, restoring you to the feeling of a sense of peace and wholeness.