Energy Healing by Shane
Energy healing is one of the most profound and fundamental therapies in the field of energy medicine and integrative holistic health.
In an energy healing session, I create a safe, nurturing, and open environment for you to release energy blockages re-uniting you with energy that can help you reach your highest potential. I connect physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with each client’s unique energy field, via hands-on healing and coaching.

Although each experience is special and unique to the individual, a typical healing session with includes…
Charging energy field/chakras
Clearing energy field/chakras
Creating more energy
Balancing energy field

​Energy Healing sessions are performed while you are comfortably lying on a massage table. The healing process involves Shane placing his hands on or near the body’s seven chakras to facilitate healing. Most people will feel the energy traveling through their bodies and/or energy points. At the end of a session your body should feel more whole and fluid. Balancing your energy field/chakras yields the possibility of mental, emotional, or physical healing and clarity.

Shane may objectively and non-judgementally lead you to your “true self.” This deep internal exploration allows the opportunity for fears, traumas, and believed-limitations to surface, be resolved, and released. This process can give you the ability to recognize and self-heal your emotionally and energetically driven self.

Since Shane is certified to teach the art of Energy Healing to others, he is able to appropriately explain the energy healing process and what he’s doing throughout each session. This gives his clients the unique ability to take home knowledge of energy medicine from their session and apply the same healing techniques you can take with you.

The Healing Process 
can potentially reconnect you with...
  • your childlike essence
  • your own healing power
  • your creativity
  • your enthusiasm
  • your devine inspiration
  • a deepening of relationships

The healing process begins with a brief phone call to answer any questions regarding an energy healing session.

We will schedule a 1 hour, 20min. session.

Upon arrival on the day of the session, we will engage in a face-to-face discussion of the healing process. I will have you lie down on a massage table & I will begin to assess and chart your human energy fields.

After 15 minutes, we will have a discussion about my findings. 
At that time, I will ask you to share what brought you in to see me.

We will facilitate the session where I place my hands over the areas that present themselves as needing awareness.​

I will facilitate healing through the re-alignment of an energy field that has possibly been depleted or distorted through events in our lives.  I will replensih your energy and bring about the changes necessary to begin the restoration of your whole being - emotionally, physically and spiritually.. 

This will bring you into all aspects of your soul, restoring you to the feeling of a sense of peace and wholeness.