• Course Description
Ancient soft martial art that connects you with your energy.
Chi is your energy.  Chi gong is the practice of working with your energy.
Moving slowly with the breath guiding the pacing of the movements allows one to develop a relationship with your human energy field.
This form trains the body to perform smooth movements into postures, while regulating the breath.
Awareness is placed on developing the relationship with your energy.

Learn the most popular Qi Gong series practiced by millions of South Asians in China, Singapore, Thailand and Japan. The Tai Chi Qi Gong 18 Movements part 1 were developed in 1979 by Master Li Houshen at the Shanghai Hospital. They are suitable for practice by anyone.

Originally developed for people rehabilitating from a variety of ailments, increases Qi (life force), helps blood circulation, stretches tendons, ligaments and joints, strengthens the immune system and speeds recovery.

Qi Gong balances the mind, the body and the spiritual energies. The practice of Qi Gong helps people attain preventative maintenance and self-healing methods. 

Class begins with a 10 minute discussion tailored to your needs and intentions proceeding to a 15 minute warm up consisting of:  simple knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and shoulder opening and then progress to meridian stretching, body patting, and flexibility exercises. Progressing to the tai chi 18 movements and closing with a seated mediation.