I am deeply honored to be a part of your healing journey!

Mitra. - Atlanta, GA

"I have been a spiritual seeker for much of my life and have worked with many different healers over the years.  I didn't think I could find anyone of the same calibre in Atlanta... until I met Shane.  Shane is a master healer in his own right.  His approach to healing is both unique and extremely powerful.  He has great knowledge and wisdom of the physical body, emotions, energy, and the realms of the mystic and the Divine.  He understands how all these levels are inter-woven and from this vantage point, he is able to bring deep healing to those who seek it.  I was blown away by his skills and I feel so blessed to have found Shane. I look forward to continue working with him in order to advance my healing journey!"

Michell - Atlanta, GA

"I deeply desired to live with peace and calm.  I wanted to be able to go through life and not to overreact to circumstances.  I wanted to put out positive, life-giving energy and to receive this back.  Even though I prayed and tried, I still felt disappointed because I found myself easily agitated, filled with anxiety and from time to time putting out negative energy.  I wondered why people reacted to me the way they did.  I felt insecure about myself and what others thought of me.  My home relationships were good – but I knew deep inside that they could be so much more.  I just didn’t know how to accomplish my deepest desires.

Then I met Shane (an answer to prayer).  I took his Qi Gong class and experienced a bit of what I was looking for during the first class.  I felt so amazing and filled with peace and joy.  I could not help but to share my experience with anyone who would listen.  After my second class, Shane and I spoke.  He offered to help me move more quickly through the process of healing through one-on-one healing sessions.  I wasn’t sure.  He reassured me that if the healings were meant to be, they would happen.  No pressure.  I decided to pray about it. 
Two months later, after attending Shane’s weekly Qi Gong class and regular yoga classes, I felt lead to try a healing session.  I set my appointment and although I was very nervous, I went to it with complete trust and vulnerability.  Since this and subsequent healings, my life has completely changed. 
Through Shane’s healing, I was able to release a great deal of emotional trauma that was stored in my body since the beginning of my life.  What would have taken years to work through with traditional therapy was removed from me quickly– JUST LIKE THAT!  I couldn’t believe it.  My family noticed immediately.  People outside of my family noticed as well.  I could feel the difference in my interactions with strangers as well as family and friends.  I could feel the difference in just doing regular every day tasks like washing dished and folding laundry, preparing meals and packing school lunches.  I felt light, grateful, trusting, hopeful, renewed and best of all, I felt more like my truest self!

Releasing these trapped emotions has enabled me to now live a life of significantly less anxiety, filled with peace and joy, a new sense of confidence, security and trust.  Most importantly, my relationships with my husband and children have been enriched in ways I cannot describe.   I don’t overreact to life lessons the way I used to.  I take deep breaths and learn what needs to be learned.  I know that if I lose my way again, I can go to my “Spiritual Physician” and continue my healing.  It is a mystery – one I am willing to accept with deep gratitude.  Thank you Shane for answering your call to be a healer and thank you God for using Shane to help me!"

Dionne - Decatur, GA

"I have visited Shane twice at his beautiful office at Ascendant. Both visits were so life-changing. Shane is a very gifted healer and his ability to read the energies in the body, and re-align them is quite amazing. His eyes are truly the mirror of his soul. He has so much love, kindness, and empathy, and he gives all of himself during his healing sessions. 
I highly encourage anyone to make time for a healing session with Shane. You will come out transformed!"

Shane, I just wanted to put into writing that your healing work has had a profoundly helpful awakening to my husband and myself after seeking your help a few years ago. Since our session with you we have a deeper connection and better communication as well as a deepening in our individual spiritual growth. It has been amazing to see the growth in my husband and we have to trace it back to his session with you. On behalf of my family we thank you for the wonderful work that you do and we hope others we are seeking growth and empowerment will find you. Please feel free to post this testimonial as we wish for many others to seek and find healing and peace. 

LLana - Atlanta, GA


Emily - Roswell, GA

“I have been attending Shane’s energy awareness class for about 2 years now. In fact it has become an integral part of my week and I rarely miss a class unless absolutely necessary. Since taking the class I find that my body is much looser and my mind calmer. Shane builds a community in a safe, relaxed and supportive environment. I think what is unique about his class is the conversations we have at the beginning, where we talk about our week and discuss what we want from the class. I have found by having an intention for the class I get the most out of the energy movements and the meditation. Many times I came to class upset and agitated – after sharing and completing the movements and the meditation I would always leave the class feeling calm and peaceful.  A beautiful addition to my week.” 

Amy - Decatur, GA

“Shane’s class has taught me how to gather my energy. I could feel the energy in the class as it made tingling sensations in my spine. I am physically and mentally stronger. It has taught me to be able to be all alone in a room with a serene, not busy, mind. Years ago I learned I was a co-dependent. At that time I learned to “detach”  from the urge  to fix dysfunctional people and I thought I was then OK. It turns out that I had just changed my addiction from fixing people, to fixing “things” and my mind was as busy as it had ever been. Through Shane’s class I learned to be serene. I realized that I was going to have change my whole lifestyle to accommodate this new way of “not” thinking. It was scary at first because I had never experienced anything like it. It took about two months to explain things to myself so I was comfortable with a new serene mind.”   

Lisa - Atlanta, GA

“Shane is a truly exceptional healer. I don’t use either of those words lightly — exceptional or healer — but he is both. His reverence and mastery of the energetic healing process is astounding. After my first session with Shane, I felt wholly filled with love like never before. As I continue working with him I am finding new ground in my body and healing in ways that have always seemed elusive and out of my reach.” 

Tom - Suwanee, GA

“The perfect combination of mind & body work.  A great class to discover and/or fine tune an understanding of body energy and the beautiful healing power of moving this energy to heal both physically and emotionally.  Truly a magical experience.” 

Eileen Rubin, Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Preventative Cardiology Heart Center for women, St. Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta, GA

"Shane has led Tai Chi classes for St. Joseph's Hospital cardiac rehabilitation program since 2004. He is current in his knowledge and provides individualized instructions as needed. Shane truly desires the very best experience for each person who participates in his class. He is a sincere, friendly and excellent teacher and a great resounce person. Participants often engage him in conversation after class....Shane always welcomes these informal conversations adding to the participants' awareness of being special. Patients who participate in his class report they can deal with stressful situations much better, weight control/loss and have imporved balance and flexibility. Shane has brought a whole new dimension to cardiac rehabilitation. I am proud to have him on our team."

Susan - Roswell, GA

“I have been attending Shane’s tai chi/xi gong class since the fall of 2010. I began chemo treatments in early February 2011. Attending his tai chi program has been invaluable to me. I would have to say that my participation has resulted in notable healing for me- physically, emotionally and spiritually. I walk out of each and every class feeling positive, strong and hopeful. I sincerely can sense the toxins being released and the positive chi entering my mind, my body and my soul. Shane has made a huge difference in my life and I hear the same comments from the other members of the class. I have also learned a great deal from his suggestions for specific areas of the body, nutrition, as well as techniques for reducing stress. Shane has been vital to my healing process, both before chemo and during. Because my form of cancer is incurable, I treasure Shane’s very knowledgeable,compassionate leadership. I would recommend Shane’s program as extremely beneficial and life-altering for anyone.”